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We Are a Non Governtmental Non Profit Making Organization Based In Africa. Founded By Aconnue Yannick to create a national and international Oncological network of oncological advocate, who are prepared to promote, and muster a system that reduces Oncological mortality. To promote a technological innovative system that provides oncologist and patients to have a closer access to monitorization and a better diagnostic operations with both healthy and unhealthy people to easily know their oncological status and help prevent most cancer related diseases. To identify and promote programs geared towards Oncological empowerment and support to those who are less privilege.

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Febraury 4th We Commemorate World Cancer Day

Cancer now the leading cause of death, killing more than Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV combined, accountin for more deaths than any other disease. Cancer is when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way. Some cancers may eventually spread into other tissues.
There are more than 200 different types of cancer.

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Nursing Services

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Family Care

What Doest It Take For A Family To Care For Cancer Lovesones

Palliative Care

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Key Facts

* Cancer Kills Today More Than Malaria, Tuberculosis And HIV Combined And Now It Emerges As The Leading Causes Of Death In Africa

* If Care Is not Taken An Estimated 1 billion People Will Die From Cancer Before The End Of The 21st Century

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Volunteering To Be Part Of The Software Develepment Team is Highly welcome, With The Fast Software and Technological Trends in Medicine, Z Cancer Foundation is There To Keep digital Communication Between Oncologist & Patients Via Our Robust System.

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Doctor'S Approach

Teachings on how doctors shoud approach patients to tell them they have cancer

Palative Care

This is a special kind of care given to individuals during pain and help them through it..

Life after Chemo

How does life look like after chemotherapy? Most often patients face difficulties

Family And Cancer

Family has a great part to play in the lives of those who suffer from cancer related diseases.

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ZCF Speaking At National Television (CRTV)

October , 2018

Spreading the news of cancer awareness, was a call up by the CRTV National Broadcaster

Worshop on Breast Cancer & Self Examination

October , 2018

This was a work shop to teach girls on techniques to carry out a self examination

Cancer Awareness Talk With this Kids at the Orphanage

september , 2018

An educated younger generation is the key to oncological safety in the future.